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Wonders Of Thailand

Wonders Of Thailand - Thailand

Holding its place in the center of Southeast Asia Indochinese peninsula- Thailand is a pristine combination of mesmerizing nature with surreal wonders..!! Thailand is a Gem of ‘World’s Tourism’ with its enticing beaches, divine pilgrimage, buzzing city life, even more stunning night life, idyllic nature trails, venturesome activities and all the Wonders of Thailand  which is relishment for the senses of human beings. 

Being the 50th largest country of the World, Thailand has never failed to amaze people with its surreal architectures as well as city life. Circumscribed by Myanmar, Laos and Malaysia; it is a land as perfect as a picture. The wonders of the world are popular among everyone in the entire world but have you ever heard of the Wonders of Thailand..?? Thailand and its wonders are just like a pocket full of sunshine in your dull boring life. It has everything to bestow to people of every age; every single person who ever visits Thailand leaves behind the boredom of life on its doorsteps. 

If you are brainstorming for your next vacation to Thailand and trying to narrow the bucket list of Thailand, then here is our top most Wonders of Thailand which is surely not to be missed in your upcoming tour Mr. Globetrotter..!! 

THI LOR SU Waterfall 

The most eye pleasing nature trail of Thailand- Thi Lor Su Waterfall is the limestone waterfall fringed by the Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary of Pak Province. The water falls from the Huay Cot Thuot which is at a height of 300 meters. The majestic waterfall is considered as the best of other waterfalls of Thailand such as Lor Jor, Rainbow, and Pa Charearn etc because of the tranquility it fills in the visitor’s soul. Not just the waterfall and its scenic views but the way to reach the waterfall is also very alluring for every nature fanatic. One has to cross the Mae Klong River of Um Phand with a rubber boat and then trek for 10 kilometers inside the forest to witness the beauty. One can also trek for 24 kilometers inside the Huai Luand Forest to reach the blissful Wonder of Thailand- Thi Lor Su Waterfall. 

The Grand Palace 

The Grand Palace of King Rama I is located on Na Phra Lan Road of Bangkok. The former residence of Royal families of Kings of Thailand has a lot to offer every traverse entering the Grand Palace. The remains of Kings as well as high ranked family members will take you back to the era of Rattanakosin Kingdom. One can also pay a visit to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha other than the royal residence of Kings. The visitors of Grand Palace can also see the Pavillian of Regalia and the showcased Thai coins as well as other stuffs. The most important thing to be remembered is to be dressed in proper ‘Black and White Dress to pay condolence to the late King Rama IX of the Rottanakosin Kingdom’. 

Chiang Mai Night Safari

A tripper in Thailand should never miss out the sizzling nightlife of Thailand. The best option to enjoy it is the Chiang Mai Night Safari – the biggest night safari of the world which brings it under the list of Wonders of Thailand. There are different shows as well as attractions starting from 11 am to 10 pm each day. Shows like Night Predators, Tigers, and Times of the Night, Musical Fountain Water Screen, and Creatures of the Night are the ones which will give goose bumps to every adventure junky. Witnessing the Hunters of the Night such as Bears, Tigers, Hyenas, Wild Boar and many more will surely shiver you from inside. To ease you out from the thrilling experience of Animal Night Safari there are some special Safari Dancing Shows as well as Musical Fountain Shows. 

Mu Koh Hong

Located on the Hong Island  of Than Bok Khorani National Park is the next must go place of Thailand. A huge assemblage of natural celestial places such as Koh Lao, Koh Lao Riam, Koh Pak Ka, Whites Beaches, Coral Reefs and many more. The heavenly island Mu Koh Hong is a treat for every nature fanatic in its own way. The island is dolled up with dense woods, water bodies as well as luscious white beaches. The Mu Koh Hong is a perfect picturesque Island which will be enhancing the inner you with its beauty.  

Phanom Rung Historical Park 

It is located on the hill top of Phanom Rung in Isan, Thailand and is dedicated to Lord Shiva because of the discovery of Shiva Ling in the middle of the Monastery. Once you visit the place you can have some majestic eyeshot’s to the Naga Bridge, Ponds, Antechamber, Main Sanctuary, and Prang Noi after a walk from the ceremonial walkway of Phanom Pung Historical Park. You can also pay a visit to the adjoin Mueng Tam which is at a distance of 7 Kilometer from the Phanom Rung.  

Ban Huai Kon Kao Battlefield Memorial

The operational base of Third Infantry Battalion of Thai Army- Ban Huai Kon Kao is not to be missed in any Thailand vacation as visiting the place of battle will let you more about the real struggle of Thai Army. A walk inside the Battlefield will ooze the warmth of 1970s battle between the Thai Government as well as Communist insurgents. One can witness the trenches, minefields, arsenal etc and will definitely get the nostalgic of the death of 70 soldiers on 17th April 1975 due to an attack by 200 communist. The place where one can feel the bravery of the Army is always a favorite place of any patriot..!!

Tham Lod Cave

One of the Wonders of Thailand, Tham Lot Cave is located in Pang Mapha District of Thailand. It has its roots over an area of 1,666 meters serves as a home to bates, swiffs as well as Nam Lang River. To witness the stalagmites as well as stalactites of the cave you have to climb up several steps inside the cave. To explore the mysterious cave of Thailand one must have a good guide along with to let you explore it to the fullest. The cave served as a home to the Hoabinhian Hunting tribes from the era of 9000BC to 5500BC, the inhabitats of the cave were one of the Stone Age communities of hunters who used different tools to hunt animals. 

Chiand Mai- The Royal Twin Pagoda 

Located in the Chang Khoeng of Thailand, Chiang Mai- The Royal Twin Pagoda is a present to the King and Queen built by the Thai Army. The pagodas are known as Phra Maha Dhatu, Nabha Metaneedon as well as Phra Maha Dhattu Nabhapol Bhumisri. It is present on the top of the mountain and there are escalators as well as stairs to reach the top of the mountains. You can pay respect to the Buddha images after which you can have a magnificent view of the entire location. 

Koh Phi Phi 

One of the Wonders of Thailand Koh Phi Phi is an Island which is a home to the famous Maya Bay. The most scenic and tranquil spot of Thailand also has two other beaches like Lo Sama Bay and Pi Le Bay. The Pi Le Wall renders some amazing underwater activities which are very famous in Thailand. One can also try hands on scuba diving, Snorkeling and many more water sports around November to April.

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