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Pattaya Floating Market Thailand

Pattaya Floating Market - Thailand

Thailand is one of the major tourist attracting country of Asia. As far as tourism is concerned, Thailand is one of the most popular country of the world. Millions of tourists visit Thailand for fun as well as adventure. People from all the places, visit Thailand with their family or friends or on a honeymoon. Thailand has become a perfect country for all types of vacations and trips. Thailand is most famous for hosting honeymoon couples. It offers the most romantic atmosphere for newly married couples. There are many reason for such a popularity of Thailand. The climate in this country is best suited for summer vacations. Thus, you must plan your visit to Thailand during summers to enjoy some quality beach time.

Other popular things in Thailand are the nightlife, thai food, thai massage, beautiful places, and lots and lots of things to do in Thailand. The shopping experience provided by Thailand is also amazing. Here we will discuss about Shopping In Thailand- Pattaya Floating Market.

Shopping In Thailand- Pattaya Floating Market:

This is one of the most amazing market of Thailand. It is very different from the common markets as it is all involved in a river. Before discussing about this market, you should know the below two things:

Location: 451/304 Moo 12, Sukhumvit Road Pattaya, Thailand.

Timing: 10 am to 11 pm.

Pattaya Floating Market covers a total area of 100,000 square kilometres. This market is separated into 4 different regions. These are given as

● North

● Northeast

● Central

● South

This classification is done on the basis that each section represents and sells items from the four major parts of Thailand. In this market, you will find more than 114 shops and vendors with the most authentic Thai food, etc. For the best experience of this floating market, you must hire a man powered boat to be able to discover the market in a more elaborate way. On the riverside, you get to see the best of Thai architecture in the form of wooden huts. There are a hundreds of these which provide a pleasant scenery. 

The four regions of Pattaya Floating Market are the best places to get away from the regular hustle and bustle of city markets. This market provides you with a whole new experience of shopping which is amazing as compared to the shopping atmosphere in big cities. 

Pattaya floating market is a man made market which was opened for public in 2008. Because of the unusual experience provided by this market, it gained much popularity is very less amount of time. This market is considered to be very important for tourism as it is believed to represent Thai culture and charm plus the amazing Thai teak wood architecture. You will find all the traditional things of Thailand in this market. The whole city of Pattaya is an exceptional tourist attraction and this floating market brings millions of tourists to this city. There are boat trips available which take you to the ride through the market. Apart from man powered boats, there are pedal boats also. There are many things to do here like ‘walk on water balls’ or Zorbs as it is known in Thailand. Local people also love to visit Pattaya Floating market.

This was all about Shopping In Thailand- Pattaya Floating Market. This is one of the most famous market of Thailand and is considered as the major tourist attraction place. These types of markets are the first of its kind found by the people of Thailand. This experience will be awesome and thus you must keep the visit to Pattaya Floating Market in your list when you will visit Thailand.

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