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Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai - Thailand

Thailand is one of the most beautiful country in Asia which is emerging as a major country in the field of tourism. Its development in the field if tourism began 4 decades ago and that made It to take a U-turn and now has become one of the major tourist hubs in Asia. It was known as Siam and around mid 1900s, its name was changed to The Kingdom of Thailand. It has a great importance as far as the whole tourism of Asian Subcontinent is concerned. It is considered to be the most popular name you will hear for trips and vacations in Asia. It is located on the Southeast part of Asia near the borders Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. It is the largest city of Thailand is Bangkok and the main tourist attraction hub. You will find anything and everything here. With a population of 69 million,  Thailand is the 20th most populated country of the world.

Thailand has a great tourism industry and it has played a vital role in uplifting the economy of Thailand in the most positive manner. Culturally, Thailand is the most diverse country you will find in Asia. Its cultures include the hints of Indian culture, Lao culture, chinese culture, etc. Thailand has developed in the field of tourism because of many things. These things mainly comprises of so many beautiful, both natural and man-made,  places to visit in Thailand and lots and lots of things to do. Thailand is growing economically at a great rate and has been successful in providing a great trip environment to the tourists. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Thailand and one among them is the Chiang Mai.

Places to visit in Thailand -  Chiang Mai:

Chiang Mai is the oldest city of Thailand which was founded in 1296. It represents the cultural and religion center of Thailand, maximum 14th century Buddhist temples are present here with tall statues and carved Buddha's. It is the main hub of ancient temples of Thai. All around you will explore the view of misty mountains and beautiful colourful hill tribes and it is also the perfect paradise for shoppers as here you can visit many different market. The Thai massage of Chiang Mai is world famous, even you can learn the Thai cuisine here by joining few days of cooking courses. Chiang Mai is 700 kilometres away from the capital of Thailand and is on the river Ping. 

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple :

In the Northern Thailand, this Buddhist temples is the most popular and sacred temple. Here you can see the beautiful example of Wat Phra architecture with best art and craft, you can reach to this temple via 307 steps. This monastery was constructed in 1383. On the top of the terrace you will see breadfruit trees all around, with small monuments and rock gardens. 

Saturday walking street Market :

This is the most crowded and blissful market of the Thailand, there you will barely find any space to walk because of the tourists rush. The entrance of this market is from the old city of the southern side of Pratu Chiang, here you will find all types of buddha carved statues, painting, carved soups, traditional thai musical instruments, herbal remedies, lanterns of paper, jewellery and hill tribe arts. 

Wat U Mong :

This is also the ancient temple of buddha which is uniquely designed by bricks platform of passageway, built in 1380.On the walls of arched tunnel you will find the image of buddha. This unique and sacred buddha temple is located 600 metres away from the Th Suthep. 

This was all about the Chiang Mai. You must try your level best not to miss the visit to this place while your tour of Thailand.

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