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Rot Fai Market Thailand

Rot Fai Market - Thailand

Thailand is a mind blowing place to visit for recreation. Millions of tourists visit Thailand with their family and friends. It is a perfect tourist destination and is the most famous tourist hub in Asia. It is situated on the southern part of Asia where there are already many tourist places. Thailand offers so many things which is the reason why millions of tourists visit Thailand. People from all the parts of the world visit Thailand. 

Thailand is famous for so many things. The most famous thing to witness in Thailand is the nightlife atmosphere it offers. It is considered tp be the best place for a great nightlife experience. Another most attracting things is the shopping in Thailand. The shopping atmosphere provided by Thailand is amazing. Here we will be talking about Shopping In Thailand- Rot Fai Market.

Shopping In Thailand- Rot Fai Market:

The Rot Fai Market is situated in the capital city of Thailand, that is, Bangkok. The Rot Fai Market is also known by two other names,  Srinakarin Train Market or simply Train Market. It is an authentic open air bazaar which is famous for selling the most vintage collection from yesteryear. You can find antique collection of furniture here. This market is famous for providing all the historic things of Thailand. It gives the taste of the oldest architectures of Thailand.

The Rot Fai Market is divided into three sections in which you get a section for night shopping as well. To enjoy night shopping in Bangkok, you can visit Rot Fai Market. This is mainly famous for the reason that this market operates during night and has many bars and clubs as well. It is actually located behind season square shopping mall. To reach this market, the best transport available is the taxi. However, because of the night operation in this market, traffic jam is found on friday and saturday. 

The original Rot Fai market was force shifted due to an expansion of BTS skytrain line in 2013. It was believed that the market will lose its great reputation but it was not the case. It even flourished at its new venue and is one of the most popular in Bangkok. 

In one of the section of Rot Fai Market, there is a warehouse zone which provides some sheer variety of products which are enough to impress the tourists. You will find everything in this market. May it be household goods, electronic appliances, etc. This market is famous for selling great quality second hand goods like old electronic appliances, second hand clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories. 

This market is most famous for the vintage collections of things. It is one of the biggest market for selling vintage products with sources from America, Europe, Myanmar and Thailand. The most amazing experience to witness in Rot Fai Market are the most standard items available at a factory-type building called Rod’s Antiques. This is most famous for the selling of antiques and vintage items which include classic cars, motorbikes, anitque furniture and many more things. This market is also famous for its street stalls providing the best street food. These stalls provides one of the best quality and tasty Thai food. Millions of tourists visit Rot Fai Market in Bangkok.

This is all about the Shopping In Thailand- Rot Fai Market. This is the most famous shopping place of Bangkok. As Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and the most visited city, it has become a hub for tourists. Thus, people visit Rot Fai Market in large numbers. Thus, you must also visit this market for a great shopping experience.

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