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Festivals Thailand

Festivals - Thailand

Thailand is a very beautiful country as far as tourism is concerned. It is located in the southeast of Asia and has the perfect neighbours which themselves are tourist hubs. Thus, you get a complete package in the south of Asia to visit the most attractive countries of Asia.

The tourism industry in Thailand is considered to be the most important asset. It is  working day night for making Thailand one of the most popular country. It has been hosting millions of tourists every year. Thailand provide them with a great environment for every type of trips and vacations. This industry has played a vital role in making Thailand economically very sound. Thailand is one of the most diverse country in Asia as far as cultures and traditions are concerned. Thailand has become very popular, all thanks to so many beautiful  places to visit in Thailand. Thailand also provides you with so many things to do while on a vacation like there are a lot of festivals that you will be able to celebrate on your visit to Thailand. These festivals are described below.

Things to do in Thailand -  Festivals:

In Thailand all the people consider many have fun and socialize in many parties. Here eating spicy food and celebrating festivals are the central liking of Thai people. Here are less festival, but these festivals are world famous as they are celebrated with full entertainment and gathering. Ghost festival, water festival, Rocket festival, Lopburi Monkey Festival, Lantern festival, vegetarian festival and many more. In these festivals we do many different things and enjoy the gathering of people on special occasions. Some of the things to do in many festivals are as following :

Lantern festival : In Thai language it is also known as Yi Peng which is mainly celebrated in the Chiang Mai province of Thailand in the month of November. People gather near the bank of river Peng where they have to release the paper lanterns in the air, and the view at time becomes special and spectacular. Most photogenic part is the time when we release the lanterns 

Buffalo Racing Festival : This festival is also known as Wing Kwai which is celebrated in the Chonburi Province particularly in the month of October, this is the most popular and best festival of Thailand which is oldest festival, about 100 years before. You have to ride on the buffalo for any minutes or even second and the winner will win almost 500 baht price amount. 

Lopburi Monkey Festival : This festival is known as Monkey banquet which is held at Lopburi which is 150 kilometres away from the north side of Bangkok. The Lopburi area is full of monkeys. All the people have to gather around 5 tons of fruits, sunflower seeds and vegetables, so that monkeys can come and have party. This is celebrated in November. 

Water Festival : It is known as Songkran in the Thai language which is celebrated everywhere in the Thailand in the month of April. This festival lasts for 3 days. It is the most funny and craziest festival, people use buckets of water, water guns, water pipes, water balloon to throw water on others. They also do parties. 

These are the most famous and important festivals celebrated by the people of Thailand with the tourists. These are the most exciting times you will ever spend in your life. People from all parts of the world when hear about these things Thailand provides in a trip, they get fascinated and eager to visit Thailand. In the above piece of writing, most of the things were discussed about the festivals of Thailand and that too in relation to tourism.

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