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Hill Tribe Villages Thailand

Hill Tribe Villages - Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful tourist hub of Asia. It has a classy reputation in the tourism all over the world. It comes in the most visited countries of Asia and may be in the near future, will definitely top the list. It is a very famous country among the tourists and you will see millions of tourists visiting Thailand every year.

Thailand is a beautiful country and has  emerged as a major tourist country in recent years. Till early 1900s,Thailand was known as  Siam. Then its name was changed to The Kingdom of Thailand. As far as tourism is concerned in Asia, Thailand is one of the most famous country. Thailand is visited by millions and millions of tourists from all around the globe. It has become a famous name in the tourism sector and has made a reputation as a great tourist country.. It is a part of  Indochinese peninsula. There are a lot of things to do in Thailand and so many beautiful places to visit as well. Here we will describe the wonderful visits to Hill tribe villages of Thailand.

Things to do in Thailand -  Hill tribe villages:

In Chiang Mai province of Thailand you can explore many hill tribe villages, the people of these villages lives a nomadic life with unique dressing and different way of doing things. These hill tribe villages are originated from the China and Tibet. In Thailand many projects are made to educate these tribe people for modern farming and eco friendly techniques. In Chiang Mai you can visit many tourist destinations like

● Doi Suthep point, which is the highest point from which you can see the full Chiang Mai. 

● Chiang Mai caves, these caves offers you to explore the best architecture and painting inside the cave and it is 12 kilometres away from the Doi Chiang Mai mountains

● Doi Inthanon National Park

● Mae Sa Elephant Camp. 

The major source of these tribe people is the Tourism. Following are the hill tribe villages 

● Akha

● Palong

● The Lahu

● The long necks

● The Lisu

● The Karen

Karen village is the top listed numerous tribe village of Thailand, they basically live in the teak and bamboo houses. Most of karen are Christians and Buddhists. Here you can learn the weaving skill in few hours. As all the women of karen village are specialised in the weaving. Here you can find finest form of hand made silver ornaments. Lisu village is also known as Flowery Lisu as the dressing of all people of Lisu village is so much colourful 

Trekking in Mae Khi District of Chiang Mai :

In this village you can find the spectacular beauty of nature, here you find the beautiful mountain ranges where you can hike and stay in bamboo huts and teak huts. 

Fire Camping in Hmong Hill Village :

This is the perfect destination to enjoy your trip with your family in camp and you will get all the possible item on the way to this village. 

Cottage holiday in Hmong village :

Cottage is made of many unique wood and bamboo, these offers you full comfortable experience to enjoy the tribe life with many activities like boating, fishing and weaving. 

A country’s natural beauty is found in its villages. A country is known by its villages and hills. They provide the most scenic beauty which a multi story building can’t. Thus, we discussed the hill tribe villages of Thailand. These are the best examples to look for to know about the ancient cultures and traditions and architecture of Thailand. These provide what is known as the natural beauty of a country. Thus, you must visit malls for shopping, tall buildings for skyline views, adventurous parks, etc but you must keep the visit to villages to get something beautiful from your trip to Thailand.

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