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Adventure Tour Packages Thailand

Thailand is a country known for hosting millions of tourists. It is at the southern tip of Asia. It is a very popular country as far as tourism is concerned. Thailand is visited by millions of tourists every year. The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok which is the centre of tourism. Till the early 1900’s, it was known as Siam. Then its name was changed to The Kingdom of Thailand. Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc are the closest neighbours to Thailand. The tourism sector has influenced the economy of Thailand in the most positive way. 

There are many tour packages available to Thailand. Some of them are :

● Thailand family tour packages

● Thailand honeymoon tour packages

● Thailand couple tour packages

● Thailand adventurous tour packages

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We provide mind blowing adventurous tour packages to Thailand. We include all the adventure in these packages and these are discussed below:

Thailand adventurous tour packages:

The things included in these packages are:

Samui Seascapes:

It is the best tour in which you can stay in the most idyllic island of Thailand known as Koh Samui. This island offer breathtaking views and offers snorkeling in the crystal clear water on the Koh Nang Yuan. Here you can relax on the beach for day and night. It is also best option to visit Marine park which is located there. 

● Kayaking in the Marine park

● Snorkeling at the koh nang yuan and koh tao

● Relax at the beach of Koh Samui. 

Active southern Explorer :

In this tour you can experience cooking classes, biking, kayaking, camping, visit to local markets, wildlife viewing and snorkeling. This is the most active trip of Thailand. You can start kayaking in the Khao Sok National park, hike through the Ko Phayam island where you can explore the fishing too. And in southern part of Thailand you can experience wildlife adventure. 

Thailand Multisport :

This tour consists all types of adventurous activities. This is started from the capital of Thailand. In the place Chiang Mai you can spend 3 days of trekking, rafting in the Meo Hong region. You can experience the biking activity through the countryside. Kayaking activity through the bamboo houses on the lake Mae Ngat. The best experience in this tour is to bathe and feed the elephant. 

● Stay at elephant nature park

● Rafting on the Mae Hong Son lake

● FLY Chiang Mai

● Biking in the Si Lanna National Park. 

Phang Nga Kayaking Adventure : 

This Phang Nga Bay is all time crowded with tourist, this bay offers you camping adventure and kayaking adventure. You can start kayaking activity from the phuket on the long boat for even 2 days. The best feature here is the limestone bay which is  present on the Koh Phanak. It is best remote island for kayak beginners. This island is also known as Hong island. 

● Here you can learn the traditional kayaking techniques 

● See the beautiful scenery of limestone caves. 

Khao Sok Adventure :

It is the best destination for excursions for more than 3 days. Here you can go for extension tour for 3 days to the vast Khao Sok National park. In this tour you can experience the kayaking and hiking activities along with a perfect soak in the middle of Khao Sok Jungle. This tour ends up to the southern part of Thailand. In this more activities are added like land, wildlife viewing, hiking, boating and kayaking. 

● First you can see huge elephants, gaur and tiger on the kayaking. 

● For spectacular view, you can start hiking through the dense jungle of Khao Sok. 

● The best feature of this tour is the stay in the boat Floating ranger on the lake known as Chiew Lan Lake. 

These were some of many adventurous things which will be added to our Thailand adventurous tour packages.

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