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Phuket Weekend Market Thailand

Phuket Weekend Market - Thailand

Thailand is a very beautiful place to visit. Its beauty is popular all around the globe. It is a country which lies on the southeastern tip of Asia. It is a small country in area but has a massive population. Its population has crossed half a billion mark in recent year and is still increasing. Millions and millions of tourists visit Thailand every year. Thailand is the newest tourist destination. In early 1900s, Thailand was known as Siam. Now it is proudly called, The Kingdom of Thailand. Thailand welcomes millions of tourists and have been able to maintain the same decorum. The tourism sector of Thailand has affected the economy of Thailand in the most positive manner. It has made Thailand economically very sound and strong.

People come to Thailand with their family. Here you get the atmosphere for every type of trip. Mostly, Thailand is famous for romantic vacations and honeymoons. There are so many things to do in Thailand. There are so many beautiful and romantic places in Thailand. By romantic places, we mean the best kinds of restaurants which provide the most romantic dinner for couples. Nightlife is what every tourists looks forward for. Thailand is believed to have the best nightlife in the whole of Asia. Shopping atmosphere provided by Thailand is also amazing. Here we will be talking about Phuket Weekend Market.

Shopping in Thailand - Phuket Weekend Market:

In Thailand Phuket weekend market is the most popular and crowded market which is locally known as Naka Market, which is located outside the famous town of phuket along the road of Chao Fa which lies on its west here you can many fascinating products, pirated items, great local samples, secondhand goods and curios. It is worth place to visit in and spend your timing in shopping. The Phuket is world famous for its weekend markets, night market and reasonable rates, this weekend market of Phuket is divided into two main sections open market and close market. You can see huge and different varieties of jeans, curious, t-shirts in the close market of Phuket, All around the street you can find friendly nature, clean environment with religious images and carving. Now in the other section that is open section is popular for electronic items shopping like laptops, TV, Cell phone, Bags, fashion accessories, jewellery and shoes. The right of this market is full of food courts where you can taste grilled dishes, spicy sausage, buttered boiled corn and fish cakes. 

This Phuket Weekend Market which is also known  as Talad Tai Rot and Chaofa Market by the local of thai people, this market is not as another large market of Bangkok’s that is  Chatuchak Market, but it is so much popular and still impressively big. The floor of this market mostly is  cemented. 

● This is open from 7pm to 10pm

● Open on Saturday and Sunday. 

● Location : Talad Tai Rot Road, opposite Wat Naka. 

In Phuket there are many unique and special market which offers best Street performance, food, shopping and many vendors with best items to explore. Some of the famous night markets of Phuket are

● Phuket Weekend market

● Chillva market 

● Phuket Indy Market 

● Phuket walking street 

● Malin plaza Patong 

Above is given all the information about Phuket Weekend Market. This is known as the traditional market of Thailand. You get all the hustle and bustle in this market will a lot if stalls and crowd. This market in summers is the most crowded market of Thailand. If you get some time for shopping in Thailand while your tour of Thailand, you should try to visit this market.

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