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Rot Dee Det Thailand

Rot Dee Det - Thailand

Thailand is a very beautiful country, both naturally and man-made. Thailand is one of the most popular country as far as tourism is concerned. It is located in the southeast of Asia and is in the heart of Indochinese peninsula. Thailand has the perfect neighbours which themselves are tourist hubs and thus, you have in your basket a complete package in the south of Asia to visit the most attractive countries of Asia. Thailand is a country visited by more than 20 million tourists every year is the hub of trips with your family, friends and on honeymoon.

The tourism industry in Thailand is considered to be the most important asset for the country as it enhances the economy of Thailand. It is working 24/7 for making Thailand one of the most prestigious country in the whole of Asia. It is popular for hosting millions of tourists every year. Thailand offers you with a great atmosphere for every kind of tours and vacations. Thailand because of its tourism has become economically very sound.

Thailand is one of the most diverse country in Asia in the fields of cultures and traditions. Thailand has become very popular because of so many beautiful places to visit in Thailand. There are so many things to do in Thailand while you will be there. The food of Thailand is very popular among the whole world. Here we will discuss about Rot Dee Det.

Eating out in Thailand - Rot Dee Det:

All the popular Thai restaurants are found in Siam. Every restaurant are available with best service and pleasant thai food. All the local visit to these restaurants. The best taste is find in authenticated way. The interior of this restaurant is quite unique. Here you find the traditional taste with different mixture of cuisine like bitter, salty or sour. All the dishes served here are healthy and is served along with the fish sauce, meat stock and vegetarian stock. Rot Dee Det restaurant is unique and best restaurant, here you can taste the best beef noodles along with meat sauce and dense bursting of meat piece.  Rot Dee Det food have idle character and speciality. In Siam Square you can explore the best thai cuisine. 

● Address of Rot Dee Det restaurant : 420-420/1 Rama 1,Siam Square, Bangkok

● Area: Siam

● Cuisine:Thai

● Opening hours: 11am to 10pm

Rot Dee Det is the main attraction in Siam square from five-decade. It is the old shophouse which is famous for Thai chicken stews and beef noodle soup

Some of the best dishes which are available available in its menu are as below:

Guay Teow Neua : which is  Beef noodle soup and  price of this dish is 50 baht, which contains two types of noodles : rice noodles and rice vermicelli noodles with fresh vegetables and beef stock. 

Khao Na Gai : It is the popular Chinese style chicken which is stew on rice and its cost is only 50 baht. It is mixture of two cuisines of Asia and chinese with thick soy sauce, chilli and green vegetables. 

Khao Stew Neua : It is also Chinese style with beef stew on rice, cost is 50 baht. In this dish you can taste five spices of Chinese cuisine. It is best combined with green chilies and fresh salad. 

This was all about Rot Dee Det which is an iconic restaurant and is considered to be a type of restaurant representing the Thai food. You will find special Thai dish mixtures with other international recipes. It offers a very different taste and if you visit Thailand, you must visit Rot Dee Det.

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