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Sawang Noodle Thailand

Sawang Noodle - Thailand

Thailand is a major part of Asia. Thailand is a major country of Asia in terms of the number of tourists visiting every year. It is a big tourist hub situated right in the heart of Indochinese peninsula which lies on the southern tip of Asia. It is the most popular country as it hosts more than 20 million tourists each year. People from the whole of Asia and also from other parts of the world visit this wonderful country. It was earlier called Siam. Now after it attained its  independence the name was changed to The Kingdom of Thailand. Recent studies show that the population of Thailand is as massive as 60 million. Thus, Thailand is ranked in the top 20 most populated countries of the world. It is a very calm and clean country and thats why people love to visit this country due to the privacy it offers.

Thailand is a dream country for newly married couples as millions of these couples plan their honeymoon in Thailand. Thailand is believed to be the most romantic country of Asia. This is due to the presence of three things- romantic places to visit, most romantic restaurants and last but not the least, the nightlife. The nightlife in Thailand is simply amazing in a sense that you get to have a blast for the whole night. Thailand is considered to have the most spicy nightlife in the whole Asia. In Thailand,you get to visit so many romantic places that you are most attracted by these places to plan your honeymoon in Thailand. The food and the restaurants in Thailand are a class apart. You will enjoy your dinner in the most romantic fashion in the restaurants of Thailand and it will be ever remembered by you as a couple. Here we will discuss about Eating out in Thailand -  Sawang Noodle.

Eating out in Thailand -  Sawang Noodle:

One of the famous noodle eatery in capital Bangkok, is Sawang Noodle which used to be known as Bamee Sawang Noodle,

The original location of this eatery shop was in Hua Lam Phong but later in 2016, it’s location changed to Phetchaburi Road.It uses the secret recipe from family of Hgaojuei Sae-Shuri.It is famous and legendary cafe for noodle. It was initially situated near the Bangkok train station but later moved to the Siam at Central World. It serves world’s best noodles and noodle soup. Here you find the egg noodles which are handmade and other noodles with crabs are served most. These noodles are cooked in front of customers on the street and you have to eat inside the restaurant. Noodle soup is the best soup here which is liked by all thai people and tourists. This shop is close to the MRT mall and is 6 minutes away from this mall, this is best place to take your family. 

● Address : Phetchaburi Road Bangkok 

● Opening time : 9:30am to 11pm

● Famous noodles : egg and shrimp noodles, Thai style Wanton noodles and simple wanton noodles. 

These noodles are also awarded by Shell Shuan Shim Award, you will taste the original taste of ingredients in the bowl of noodle soup which you will not find anywhere else in the world. All the noodle of other shop at Phetchaburi road are machine made but noodles of Sawang shop are original homemade with top class taste along with dry egg, grilled meat, grilled prawns and shrimps. 

Thus, above is given all the necessary information about Sawang Noodle. You must visit this eating out in Thailand to enjoy the widest variety of noodles found here. So, try to keep this place in your package to enjoy a never ending list of varied noodles.

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