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Spa And Wellness Tour Packages Thailand

Thailand is a very beautiful country. Thailand, the most fascinating country in Asia.It is situated in southeast part of Asia. It is also the vast place in all over the Asia,Thailand covers approximately 513000 square km that is almost 198000 square mile as per calculations.The wellsaid country is the largest country in north and also the 12th largest country in Asia. It has got the endpoints which are discussed below:

● The northernmost point of Thailand is Amphoe Mae Sai and Chiang Rai Province.

● The southernmost point of the Thailand is Amphoe Betong , Yala Province.

● The easternmost point of it is Amphoe Si Muang Mai , Ubon Ratchathani Province.

● The westernmost points of Thailand are; Amphoe Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son Province.

Spa And Wellness
INR 14000 INR 13000 / person
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Spa And Wellness
INR 19000 INR 18000 / person
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Spa And Wellness
INR 19000 INR 18000 / person
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Spa And Wellness
INR 12000 INR 11000 / person
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Thailand spread over the whole area of southern Asia. It is the most popular country of Asia as far as tourism is taken into consideration. It hosts millions of tourists every year. Tourists who come from the farthest ends of the world don’t get disappointed by the visit of Thailand. Inturn, they get fascinated and mesmerized by the beauty of Thailand. Thailand is much popular for the Thai Massage. There are many spas and wellness centres. Here we will discuss Thailand spa and wellness tour.

Kamalaya tour 

This is the best upscale wellness sanctuary with spacious holistic spa, located on the south-east side of Province Koh Samui.

Its architecture is centered around the large cave which once was served as the place of meditation center for all Buddhist monks, it is uniquely designed to be a part of harmony with all natural landscape, its consist luxurious rooms, which are all surrounded by tropical plants, granite boulders, trees and streams. It Loss to work-related anxiety. It offers 5 or 7 night retreat which includes:

● full room and board

● airport transfer, a perfect consultation

● Thai massage, foot massage 

● bio-impedance analysis

● foot massage

● 90-minute session 

● holistic fitness activities, 

● pool, and fitness center.

Crystal Women tour :

This property of seven-bedrooms is spread over 2 acres of land, especially part of a  private beach in Koh Samui. Here you can see an infinity ocean and pool views, this spot of wellness resorts is only of ladies, it consists total 8 gateways. Here you can experience the mindful communication, vibration healing massage, relaxing therapy, healing waterdance and health counselling. 

● airport transfers and  accommodation

● healthy meals

● an organic Thai cooking class

● yoga and daily massage

● creative workshops

● kayaking, 

● Island outing 

● belly dance class. 

The Sanctuary tour :

This is peaceful destination on beach in Haad Tien Bay, which is located in province Koh Phangan , it offers affordable fasting, cleansing, fasting, detoxification programs and relaxation therapies from 1 to 10 days. Once you arrive and adjust to your new dwelling-among-the-trees, Here you will have consultation and interview. Staff will be in comprehensive manual. It aim is to heal your body with perfect detoxification process with daily herbal supplements and many different probiotics. 

● probiotics like psyllium husk, lymphatic flush juice, bentonite clay shakes and an organic coffee colonic flush.

● It offer detox packages which starts from 18,480 Baht

● It is tour for five nights to  12 nights

The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort tour :

This resort is just few hours from downtown area of  Chiang Mai in the valley of Ann Mae Valley. You can get your body fully balanced here adapting exercise, proper eating, breathing and cleaning. Your mind will get purified. This place is known for best gentle fasting, raw food programs and juicing, meditation package and yoja. Radiance is the restaurant present in this resort which offers idle gourmet cooking classes. This is the nine-day retreat which includes 

● Airport transfer. 

● Seven abdominal release massages,

● Meditation classes,

● Group yoga 

● Thai herbal steam room with liver flush 

● Unique detox juices. 

● Package starts from 56,000 Baht

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