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Places To Visit Thailand

Places To Visit - Thailand

Thailand is a very beautiful country and its name came to front just 4 decades before. It was formerly known as Siam and known is called The Kingdom of Thailand. It is a part of Asia and as far as tourism is concerned, it is one of the famous names you will hear. It is located on the Southeastern tip of Asia in the centre of Indochinese peninsula. Its borders are connected to many countries like Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Andaman sea, etc. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok and it is the largest city as well. The total population of Thailand is 69 millions which makes it the 20th most populous country of the world.

The tourism sector of Thailand has introduced it to each and every corner of the world. There are a large number of cultures you will find here such as Indian, Lao, Cambodian, chinese, etc. Thailand has prospered economically because there are so many beautiful places to visit in Thailand. Some of them are described below:

Phang NGA Bay :

In this places you can experience the world's best scenery. On the bay is the emerald green water where you can explore the mesmerising dive into that green water. This is the beautiful bay which is flanked by the Phuket, krabi and Phang NGA. From aforementioned places, this destination is around 95 kilometres away. It is the most popular island of Thailand known as James Bond island or Khao Phing kan. Here you can see all types of limestone caves, clastic rocks, aquatic grottoes and the scenes of this island is shown in many movies. 

Ayutthaya historical park : 

It is the historical display of the one of the largest city of world which is known as Ayutthaya. Here you can experience brilliant statues, figures of arts and huge stone architecture. And one of the spot of this ruined city is under the protection of UNESCO, this is best tourist destination and it consists following places 

● Wat Phra Sri Sanphet. 

● Wat Phra Ram. 

● Wat Mahathat. 

● Wat Ratchaburana. 

Grand Place Bangkok:

As in India, best tourist destination is Taj Mahal. And in Bangkok it is best option to visit Grand Place which is located at the capital of Bangkok. It is located on the bank of the Chao Phraya river. You can explore the house with complex architecture which consists series of Wats, beautiful gardens, halls, pavilion, sprawling lawns and courtyards. At night it gets illuminated and brightens the whole city of Bangkok. 

Damnoen Saduak Floating  Garden :

It is located on the province of Ratchaburi. It is the crowded, vibrant and colourful market of Thailand in which every vendors is selling fruits, clothes, flowers and hats in the boats. The best way to explore the full Damnoen Saduak market is by hiring a boat taxi which can take you to every boat stalls for shopping. All the boat shops are in series on the narrow canal sides. This market consists main 3 hubs : 

● Khun Phitak. 

● Tom Khem. 

● Hia Kui. 

Chiang Rai White Temple :

 it is also known as Wat Rong khun temple. Its architecture os mesmerising and breathtaking from all over the world and it looks like the frozen temple. 

Khao Sok National Park :

It is located in the province of Surat Thani. 

Here you can experience the vast virgin forest with stunning beauty and misty mountains. It is the most visited destination where you can experience kayaking,  jungle trekking, bamboo rafting and canoeing. You can go on the long duration boat trip and meets many Asian elephant. 

These were some of the most famous places of Thailand. These have made Thailand a tourist hub and now millions of tourists visit Thailand every year.

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