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The Par Club Thailand

The Par Club - Thailand

If you are getting some holidays or you are planning a vacation or a trip, then Thailand must be your first choice. We say this confidently because we know what we are saying. Trust us, Thailand is a fantastic tourist destination. It is a country with a lot if tourist intake every year. Thailand is actually been successful in offering the tourists some great time to spend with their family or friends. It is well known to host the honeymoons of newly married couples. It is a very romantic country and has places which offer the best romantic setting. You can visit with your family and enjoy the wildlife and some amusement parks with a lot if shopping experience as well. If you are travelling with your friends, then there are a lot of adventure sports(mainly marine) are waiting for you. Thus,Thailand is a country which provides you the best package for every type of trip or vacation.

Thailand is a densely populated country. Despite so many people living is a small country like Thailand, it hosts more than 20 million tourists every year. People get mainly attracted to the nightlife offered by Thailand. There are so many clubs and bars in Thailand. Thailand also provided many options for night shopping as well. Here we will be talking about The Par Club.

Nightlife in Thailand - The Par Club:

The main province of Thailand is Chiang Mai which is every time crowded with nightlife lovers and has a surprisingly large  diverse collection of bars, lounges and nightclubs. In Chiang Mai you can see the diverse collection of bars and club which are popular and all time crowded at night time by local people and tourists, with different types of nightclubs, night bazar, souvenirs and bars. Some of the popular nightclubs in Chiang Mai province are

● Zoe in yellow 

● Tha Par club 

● Warm up Cafe

● Infinity Club 

● Spicy Club 

● Monkey Club 


There you can explore the nightclub in a long chain  and these Street of bars and club are generally crowded with all Thai people. The best attraction in Chiang Mai is the Chiang Mai highland Golf Course and The Par Club in Amphoe Mueang. This popular club is located on the Northern side of province Chiang Rai . Here you can enjoy with DJ show’s, Disco and nightclub parties. Here you can taste many varieties of drinks. 

In Chiang Rai, The Par Club is a good place for dancing, drinking, dancing, hanging out with friends and meeting new people. This club place is always open from 9pm to 2 am and here you can explore the best music which refresh you after a hectic day, it is peaceful place and there are different sections in this bar for low music or for loud Dj music. 

Around this bar in Thailand you can spend night in it’s markets, this market is full of bright and beautiful things that can make your life of blissful. This place is best for all music lovers. As Chiang Mai Night Market is the best and popular night market of Bangkok with many alleyways and shops of handicrafts, clothes, eateries, snacks, gift items and drinks. 

This is one of the finest nightlife clubs of Thailand. It is also the most crowded club as all the nightlife lovers are attracted by this place and they visit Thailand for this being a major reason. People from across the globe visit Par Club  and thus visit Thailand. This was all the information that you should know before visiting the Par Club. Thus, you should keep this club on your list if you are a nightlife lover.

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