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The Grand Palace Thailand

The Grand Palace - Thailand

Thailand is a perfect and mind blowing country to visit if you are looking for a trip or vacation for recreation. Thailand is considered by many as the most popular tourist hub in Asia. Every year, more than 20 million tourists visit Thailand and enjoy with their family and friends or even their honeymoon. Thailand provides a perfect environment for a great tour and vacation. You can also plan your honeymoon in Thailand if you are a newly wed couple. It offers the most romantic atmosphere for newly married couples. It is much popular for its nightlife experience as well. The nightlife of Thailand is a mixture of decency and sophisticated environment but also involves lot of fun and enjoyment as well. The nightlife of Thailand is considered to be the most fun and spicy nightlife you will find nowhere in Asia. People from all around the world visit Thailand to enjoy the nightlife of Thailand with their loved ones. The tourism of Thailand has progressed in a very fast pace and this has led Thailand to become a major economy around the southern Asia.

People from all the continents of the world visit Thailand. The trip Thailand also enables you to have small trips to other tourist hubs of Asia like Maldives and Singapore. The tourists get attracted to the most beautiful places of Thailand and the countless things to do there. Here we will talk about the Grand Palace of Thailand.

Things to do in Thailand - The Grand Palace:

This Grand Palace is the oldest part of the Thailand which is located on the bank of river of Chao Phraya, this area around the river is the best and popular landmark of old city of Thailand and around this palace you can find many sacred temples and spectacular building. It is the building of great significance which was constructed by the King Rama 1 in the year 1782. This palace is the main attraction with Royal Court, Centre of Thailand Kingdom, Throne halls, temples of Emerald Buddha. Around this complex you can see almost 1,900 m long wall. This palace is the used for many post and cultural rituals. Other part of the complex is used as court which is not open for public. 

● Location : It is situated in the old city of Bangkok Rattanakosin, which is located on the East side of river Chao Phraya 

● Opening hours : it is open from 8:00 am to 4 am and the entry fee is 500 baht 

HALLS of the Grand Palace :

This palace contains two main halls which are best for the royal festival and celebrations. These halls were used also as the ceremony halls by the King Rama. The two main halls are

● The Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall

● The Phra Maha Monthian

Emerald temples:

This is the most sacred place of Thailand which is located on the ground of this Grand Palace and is also known as Wat Phra Kaew, it is the oldest buddha temple of world which is around 2500 years old. 

Royal Reception Hall:

Due to the impressive and beautiful interior design of this hall, it is used as for many main and posh ceremonies, it have a beautiful antique Throne and spectacular European style reception. The finest architecture is seen in the main Dusit hall with many buddha images and models. 

This is a of great historical importance and the tourism of Thailand has been maintaining the Grand Palace. Here you will find all the royal things which were related to the oldest times of Thailand. Such places take you back to the times of kings and Princes. You will definitely enjoy your visit to The Grand Palace. Thus, you can easily visit this place and you must keep this in your list when you will visit Thailand.

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