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Kalpapruek Thailand

Kalpapruek - Thailand

Thailand is a perfect country to visit if you are planning a trip for recreation. Thailand is sometimes best known as the most visited tourist hub in Asia. Every year, it is estimated that more than 20 million tourists visit Thailand. They come here to enjoy with their family and friends or even plan their honeymoon in Thailand. Thailand provides an awesome atmosphere for a perfect vacation. You also have the provision to plan your honeymoon in Thailand if you are a newly married couple. It offers the most romantic environment for couples. It is also popular for its nightlife. The nightlife of Thailand is a mixture of sophisticated environment which also involves a lot of fun and enjoyment. The nightlife of Thailand is the most fun and spicy thing you will find nowhere in Asia. People from all countries the world visit Thailand to enjoy the nightlife with their loved ones. The tourism of Thailand has been the main driving force for Thailand to be a great tourist spot.

The Thai society has been able to get a control over every negative thing and the reason behind it is the most important presence of the Monarchy and the country’s  commitment to democratization. Thailand, in early times was known as Siam but now it is called The Kingdom of Thailand. Thailand is famous for many things to do and for many places to visit. The tourism of Thailand has been successful to provide a safe and secure environment for tourists. Here we will be talking about Eating out in Thailand- Kalpapruek.

Eating out in Thailand- Kalpapruek:

This is the most relaxed place where you can find reasonable rates of dishes. This is located on the 7th floor of Central World shopping mall of Bangkok, this mall is for all posh and designer wear people, here they find new and unique brands with good discount. Every mall of Thailand contains a particular food court and these food court are always crowded, as people visit these food courts to relax and spent time. The atmosphere of the Kalpapruek restaurant is quite friendly and relaxed which offers best thai food like noodles, yummy cakes, desserts, delicious smoothies and grilled dishes. You will get the energy back after shopping. Mango Bingo smoothie is the yummy menu here. There are 3 main restaurants of Kalpapruek in Bangkok:

1. Branch in Central World shopping center on 4 Ratchadamri road Bangkok 

2. Branch in Pramuan Road Silom, on Pramuan Road Bangkok 

3. Branch of The Mercury Ville shopping center on Sukhumvit Road, Wattana Bangkok. 

    This Kalpapruek restaurants are open from 10am to 10pm. This restaurant have its own bakery which makes tasty cakes and smoothies. Here you can organise a ceremony of engagement or any business meeting with best catering services. Here all the premium quality of cocktails are available. Menu of this Kalpapruek restaurants is more interesting with different blends. 

● Vegetarian menu

● International menu

● Dessert menu

● Noodle menu 

● Appetizer menu

● Cake menu

● Fruit Smoothie menu

● Main dish menu. 

The bakery of Kalpapruek restaurants is world famous, it’s menu have chocolate brownie, coffee raisin, tasty pastries, eclairs, chocolate waffles and bake fruit cake. Portuguese sponge cake is the best feature of this bakery. Some of the main dish menu are 

● Fried Tiger Prawn with tamarind sauce

● Fried cabbage with fish sauce

● Fried chicken with black pepper sauce

● Warm chicken liver salad

● Chicken with lemon sauce and cheese. 

This was all about the great restaurant of Kalpapruek. You must visit this wonderful eating out to enjoy one of the finest meal of Thai food. So, you must keep this place on your list when you visit Thailand.

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