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Chatuchak Weekend Market Thailand

Chatuchak Weekend Market - Thailand

Thailand is considered to be a fairly more populated country. It is located in Asia and comes in the list of most populous countries of the world. The population of Thailand is more than 60 million and the number of tourists visiting Thailand every year is rising. Thus, it is clear for above that the maintenance of such a crowded tourist place must be very difficult. All praise goes to the tourism sector of Thailand for offering the best environment for all types of tours. By this we mean that you can visit Thailand with your family or friends or even if you are planning a honeymoon.

People from all the countries of the world visit Thailand. Once the tourists hear about Thailand from other people who visited Thailand, they also plan to visit Thailand. Thailand is famous for so many things. The nightlife of Thailand is considered to be the most terrific of its kind. Also, the places to visit in Thailand mesmerize the tourists. It is a great tourist destination overall. The shopping of Thailand is also very much popular among the tourists. We will discuss about Chatuchak Weekend Market. It is very important to know about this place before trying to visit it and explore it.

Shopping in Thailand - Chatuchak Weekend Market:

There are many commercial hubs of the Thailand which offers best, entertainment, enjoyable life to the Thai people as well as tourists from all over the world. In Thailand, only 1 market is famous for wholesalers and traders hubs that is Chatuchak Weekend Market. This marked had reached to many beautiful landmarks spots.Its features is the perfect sheer size with diverse collections of merchandise and it brings most exciting seasoned shoppers to their knees, you will have best experience to have a tour of this market. It is spreaded over 35 acres of land. Here you can see more than 9,000 shops of different varieties, here you will see the huge crowd of visitors which becomes more in number at midnights. Best restaurants are present here, that will make you fresh after the shopping, like you can taste the best smoothies, drinks and salads. There are many outdoor food courts which is full of hustle and bustle till market closes. You can navigate in this market easily but you should be aware of the routes of this market, complete market is shown in a complete walkway which encircles the full market. Here are many alleyways 

● Soi 1

● Soi 2

● Soi 3

● Soi 4

● Soi 5 upto Soi 27

You can visit Chatuchak market where you can have everything from the sheer variety of merchandise to a Moroccan lamp, from an antique wooden chest to pair of vintage Levi’s jeans. Here in Chatuchak, all the items which are on sale, roughly divided into 11 categories like:

● Art and gallery in section 7

● Ceramic in section 11 to section 19 and section 25

● Handicraft in section 8 to section 11

● Accessories and clothes from section 2 to section 6 and section 10 to section 26

● Home decoration and Furniture in section 1 to section 8

● Beverage and Food in section 2 to section 27

This was all about the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It is the favorite market of the locals of Thailand and they suggest as many tourists to visit this place for shopping. You will get everything in this market and that too at a reasonable price. It is very famous among the tourists and depicts the picture of a different shopping atmosphere of Thailand. Thus, you must visit this place for shopping with your family when you will be on a trip to Thailand.

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