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General Information Thailand

General Information - Thailand

Thailand is the main southeast Asia country which is located in the middle of Indochinese peninsula. It is known as Kingdom of Thailand. Saim was the formal name of Thailand until 1948. According to the world's population, Thailand is ranked as the 20th populated country. Bangkok city is the capital of Thailand, as Bangkok is the main hub for all activities and its largest city of Thailand. Thailand is known for it buddha figures, iconic temples, royal palaces and tropical beaches. 

The tourism sector of Thailand has played a vital role in introducing it to every corner of the world. You will find a large number of cultures in Thailand like Indian, Lao, Cambodian, chinese, etc. Thailand has prospered economically and in the field of tourism mainly because there are so many beautiful places to visit in Thailand. Thailand is emerging as a great country economically as well as socially. In the field of Science and technology as well, Thailand us well ahead of the most of the countries of the world. Some important information about Thailand is given below:

● Thailand is bordered by Cambodia and Laos from the east. 

● It is bordered by Myanmar from the north

● Malaysia and Gulf of Thailand bordered Thailand from the south side. 

● Andaman sea bordered Thailand from west side

Language of Thailand :

Siamese, central thai or Thai is the main official language of the country Thailand. Mostly all the Thai people spoke Thai Chinese. Thai language has main two ethnicity Thai chinese and Central Thai. 

Capital of Thailand :

In 1782, largest city Bangkok is founded as the capital of Thailand. This city was founded by the King Rama. This city is spreaded over the area of 605.693 square metres. This city is the main hub of all types of modernizations of Thailand. This capital is the most visited tourist destination.  

Religions in Bangkok :

In Thailand you will find main religion of Buddhism which is of majority percentage around 95%. Then the remaining 4.5% are of Islam religion, 0.03% are hindus. 

Currency of Thailand : 

Baht is the currency of Thailand, with 100 satang divided. Rain baht is the common name of the one baht coin. Satang is the subunit of Baht. 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20 are the frequently used bank notes. 

One thai baht = 2.08 Indian Rupees (rs) 

Climate of Thailand 

The temperature of Thailand is of high humidity with around 83°F temperature. Here you can experience three seasons of climate hot season, cool season and rainy season 

● March to May is the Hot season. 

● November to February is the cold season. 

● June to October is the rainy season. 

National flag of Thailand:

The national flag of Thailand was formed and adopted in 1917. The national flag of Thailand is known as ‘Thong Trairong’. It is made of three colours, Blue, Red and white. The blue strip is in the middle followed on both sides by white which is further followed by red on upper and lower side of the flag. The national anthem is equally important. The national anthem of Thailand is called Phleng Chat. It means the song of the country.

Size of Thailand:

Thailand is as big as France. In area, it measures as 513,000 square kilometres. Thailand has a very peculiar shape and is hard to mention in words.

In this above article, general information about Thailand is given. Whatever one wants to know about a country he or she opts to visit, is given above. Millions visit Thailand and you must also plan a trip to Thailand to enjoy with your family and friends.

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